Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend Update

Friday at work I made this long to-do list for the weekend and I was even in the mood to get it all accomplished. With high hopes I woke up at eight ready go. I started with the dishes and then organized a stack of clothes that need to be donated to the Plaid Door. I started a load of laundry and got ready to meet a friend at ten to look at fabric for the baby's room. I even ran Harvard to the Doogie Spa so he could get a bath and groomed while I was out shopping.

I got to the fabric at little after ten and oh my goodness.....fabric is very overwhelming. Rows and rows of fabric with so many options it took me an hour to figure out where I wanted to start. Three hours later I had made a decision, bought 1/4 of a yard of each and was on my way to the next stop. Well, that did not happen. I got into my car and basically burned my legs from how hot my seats were. Being pregnant and 100 degree weather don't really mix. Without even thinking of the trunk load of clothes I needed to drop off I found myself driving straight for home. I was starving so I met my husband for lunch and called it a day. I picked up Harvard and we both took a two hour nap.

I did not think I was going to be able to function...haha! But I managed to pull myself together to a little flea market shopping Saturday evening with my husband. We had a great time! I am on the look for a dresser and fun decorations for the baby's room. We did not find anything we wanted to buy but I did find a Moose head that was $2750...I could not believe the price. I love cake platters! I really want to go back to buy these cute little black ones!

Sunday was a pretty lazy day with just hanging out at the house. Probably the most exciting is that I am now 22 weeks! James had to go to Memphis for work so Harvard and I just hung out. I did finish reading Something Blue! I really love this series. I ordered Baby Proof and Love the One You are With on Amazon.com and they arrived today! I thought I would not get them until tomorrow.  I am really excited to start Baby Proof tonight.

Later this week I am going to reveal more about my baby girl and reveal her name! I am going to start a weekly post series about her too!

Hopefully I finish my to-do list by Friday just to start the next! Have a good week and stay cool!


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