Monday, August 22, 2011

Keeping Up With Kimber - 25 Weeks

I am 25 weeks with Kimber and she is the size of an eggplant. Not much is going on besides my feet and ankles are starting swell by the end of the day. It does not help that it is back into the upper 90s again. I was really enjoying the 80 degree weather. I can't wait for fall.

The most exciting thing we did over the weekend was order her crib! We finally decided on one and James' parents were kind enough to buy it for us. We were in between white and espresso. I found a store in Springfield that sold the brand but they did not have the crib in stock, they did have a sample of the colors though. The white was a vanilla and had a lot of yellow in it.

James also painted the dresser and mirror for her room. I forgot to take before pictures of both of them but here are a few:
 This is after the first sanding.
 James hard at work!

The mirror! It was gold so we painted it white. We got it from the Farmer's Daughter Antique store in Ozark, Missouri. I am in love with it!

Harvard thinks my Boppy pregnancy pillow is for him so he takes over when I get up in the morning.
He is so cute!

I will post a picture of the dresser when it is completely finished, James is done painting it but we do not have the pulls on. 
Nothing much is going on besides I am extremely busy at work. I am finishing the final details for my 5 day convention that I leave for on Wednesday.

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