Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweenie!

Happy Halloween from the Haiks!!!
We are not doing much for Halloween this year so tonight we are grilling steaks and handing out candy. We just realized our doorbell does not work so I hope the little ones will knock on the door!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Keeping Up With Kimber - 34 Weeks

How Far Along: 34 Weeks...I am actually measuring right on target at 34 weeks.
Size of baby:  Honeydew
Total Weight Gained: 27 pounds
Maternity Clothes: I actually wore my maternity yoga pants to work on Monday. You know it was Monday and they look like black pants!
Gender: Girl! Kimber Diane Haik
Movement: I am starting feel her move her leg or arm instead of just little kicks. Very weird. At one point I felt either her bottom or head.
Sleep: I wake up every night at 12:45, 3:00 and 6:00 to use the bathroom. Some nights it is a little difficult to go back to sleep and when I finally get to sleep I have to get up again.
What I miss: Walking long distances.
Cravings: Nothing this week
Aversions: Nothing!
Symptoms: My feet are swelling really bad. They look so weird by the end of the night.
Best Moment this week: Getting the glider for the nursery! They said it would take 3 months but we got in 1.5 months. We are almost done decorating. 

We had pictures taken on Friday afternoon and I can't wait to see them! Of course I bought one of the local daily deals a couple of months for Andrew Bowser Photography. I really liked him and would recommend him to anyone. From what he showed us they are going to really good which is surprising because I take horrible pictures.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Good times in Branson!

My parents came to visit over the weekend so they made reservations at Adventures of Zipling in Branson (by the outlet mall). At first I did not want to go since I could not participate but I am glad I went. I did have to wait two hours for them to complete the course but I did not mind. 

 My mom! Then she stopped too soon and the guide had to come get her!

 My dad!
We got my mom two groupons to this place for Mother's Day and I would say it was a good gift. I can't wait to go this spring! 

After Zipling we went to the Balloon Glow at Branson Creek Communities. We got there just in time and James was able to make it down for the last 20 minutes. I really hope this event continues to grow because it was really pretty plus it was free to attend!

 James and I....too bad my eyes are closed. 

After the glow, they had an outdoor theater set up to show the movie UP. I was starving by this point so we left to go eat.

On Sunday, I had Baby Shower #2 which was for James' family here in Springfield. I will do a post about that shower too.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Keeping Up With Kimber - 33 Weeks

Having a little fun at Sam's Club! Can you see how tired I am? My eyes look horrible. I can't wait to try the Skinny Girl Sangria (the bottle on the left).

How Far Along: 33 Weeks! I think I have baby brain...I have been telling everyone I am 34 weeks. Oh my, can you tell I am ready!
Size of baby:  Honeydew (don't really know how big that is) At our last appointment, she weighed 5 lbs and had the cutest chubbiest cheeks!
Total Weight Gained: 23.5 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Not a fan. I am trying to find something to wear for our pictures on Friday and I can't find anything my style. But I did buy a pair of maternity yoga pants and absolutely love them. I think I will wear them to work!
Gender: Girl! Kimber Diane Haik
Movement: She is one active little lady...mostly at night and in the morning.
Sleep: Is it possible to use any more pillows. This morning I had about eight tucked around me.
What I miss: Buying cute bras and panties from Victoria Secret, I about had a breakdown in the store.
Cravings: Chocolate milk and apple juice.
Aversions: Pizza restaurants, the thought of them grosses me out.
Symptoms: I really don't have any besides I am to the uncomfortable stage. 
Best Moment this week: My baby shower that my sister hosted. I will do another post for the shower. Also spending the entire weekend with my family in my hometown. One more, our last ultrasound was so cute. The nurse switched it over to 3d so we could  seewhat she really looked like. OMG I can't tell you how real it looks!

Have I mentioned we finally got the crib!!!

Look at her chubby little cheeks! 
I took a picture of the picture with my iPhone so they are a little blurry but you get the point!
The ultrasound tech said she is measuring a week early but the doctor said she is still under 50th percentile. So I guess she will come when she's ready! I will post the entire ultrasound later so you can see her wave at us and stick out her tongue. She looks just like me!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Keeping Up With Kimber - 32 Weeks

This may seem like a boring post because not much happened this past week. James and I had a great weekend with friends and just spending time together. 
How Far Along: 32 Weeks! Last week I was excited because I thought I was down to the single digits on how many weeks were left but I read that you should go 42 weeks.
Size of baby:  Still a Squash (according to
Total Weight Gained: I have an appointment tomorrow so I should find out but I have a feeling I have gained a lot since my last appointment 2 weeks ago
Maternity Clothes: I need to buy more but just don't want to spend the money. Luckily James' cousin's wife gave me some more clothes!!!
Gender: Girl! Kimber Diane Haik
Movement: During the day I can feel her more in my ribs while in the evening I feel like she is really low. I think she is about to push my bladder out.
Sleep: Not really working for me. I am sleeping so light that every little thing bothers me. So far this week I have woken up on the couch. Another thing is right when I get comfortable and fall asleep I have to go to the bathroom.
What I miss: Laying/sleeping on my back. 
Cravings: Pumpkin cheesecake! Really anything pumpkin besides pumpkin pie. My friend Ashley sent me a recipe for pumpkin sherbet from I think I am going to make it this weekend.
Aversions: Sick people
Symptoms: Over the weekend I had leg cramps. 
Best Moment this week: Oh my I really don't know. My memory is so bad that I can't think of anything. Maybe my best moment was not having anything planned over the weekend. I was able to relax all day Saturday with nothing going on.

I forgot I had this picture. In July my friend Renee made this cake for me. She lives in St. Louis and brought it with her to the our lake weekend at Tablerock.
Isn't it adorable!! It was my favorite...a confetti cake! She decorated it herself. The icing melted a little on during the trip but it was still so cute and yummy!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Random Update....

I have been blogging a lot about Kimber so I thought I would update everyone on what James and I have been up to. I have been busy at work and keeping myself busy with different things after work so blogging has been put on the back burner. I don't remember the order of events but here are some things we have been up to.....

  • We finally bought Harvard a harness type collar. We have heard that pugs have weak necks so it is better for them to use the harness instead of a normal collar. He really does better on walks with it (at least for me).

  • One afternoon James had an Ace meeting in Joplin to plan out his advertising for 2012. I thought I would tag along because I wanted to see the tornado damage. Words cannot explain what it did and/or looks like.  
 Joplin High School

 St. John' Hospital

This was a church is just down the street from the  hospital and the only thing left standing was the cross. 
  • For work I had a meeting at the Cardinals stadium so they took us to the game after the meeting. Luckily it was the Cards vs. Cubs game. We lost but I still had a great time. We were in a suite and they provided dinner and drinks as well.
 I know not a very good picture. I really need to get better at taking pictures!
  • Last Saturday night we went to a bonfire in Bolivar. I posted a picture of us in front of the huge fire last week but here is a couple more.
I made James take a picture with his truck since it is the first time we have taken it to the country!!! 

 A picture of the was huge.
  • Friday night we went to dinner with two couples to Olive Garden and then to Dublin's Pass to finish watching Game 5 of the Cardinals v Philies and to listen to an Irish band. We really had a good time. Before we walked in I asked "is it weird for a pregnant lady to be walking into a bar?" Springfield finally has a no smoking ban so that is the part of the reason why I went besides I just needed to get to have some normal fun! CARDINALS WON! We did not stay long and was home by 11.  Here is a picture of James taking his celebratory shot...a Dublin's drop shot (Irish car bomb)!
 That's all for now! Other than going out on Friday I have not done much which I don't mind!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The World of Blogging

Recently, I came across two blogs that I really love to read and follow.....
Casey Leigh at The Wiegand's and Ashley with The Shine Project.

Today, the both of them started a new series called Bloggers in Real Life. They each will feature the same blogger where on Casey's blog the featured blogger will share a personal story while on Ashley's blog they will share advice whether it be about fashion, parenting, or business related. Here is a little summary they both posted today....
Creating, sharing, and inspiring connects us all together. Every day we are drawn to blogs that make us feel something, and we take a little piece of it with us. Behind every one of our favorite blogs, there's a person. A person with real emotions, fears, goals, and weird quirks that we never really get to experience first hand. We've brought together your favorite bloggers to give you a more intimate take on their lives, so you can catch the little details that make them who they are. Every Wednesday, we'll be capturing the lives of the people behind your daily reads in a way that you wont experience anywhere else.

Today, Ashley shared her personal story on Casey's blog. I really enjoyed it and thought I would share something she said...

"As I have grown up, I vowed to never, ever, walk away from something I've worked hard for again. In our lives, things are never perfect. They aren't supposed to be. We spend time doing things we love, and other things that we have to in order to get by. If we gave up at the first sign of discouragement, we would never amount to anything.
Almost every great leader that I can think of has had to withstand trial, after trial, after trial.
But that's what makes them so great. Their ability to conquer gives them strength. And in turn, they are able to give it to those that they lead.
Don't give up. Don't settle for second. And when it seems you are in your final inning, with more pressure that you could ever imagine, allow yourself to Shine." Click Here to read the entire story

Then you can read part 2 on Ashley's  blog. She gave advice on "How to be noticed in the blogging world".

I really enjoyed both of these posts today because her personal story was extremely inspiring while her advice was very helpful. My goal is to become a better blogger and have a bigger audience. I know I have a long way to go!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Keeping Up With Kimber - 31 Weeks

 (more about this picture in a later post)

How Far Along: 31 weeks! 9 Left!
Size of baby:  Still a Squash (according to
Total Weight Gained: 22 pounds
Maternity Clothes: is it ok to wear yoga pants to work????
Gender: Girl! Kimber Diane Haik
Movement: I believe she has her days and nights confused! She is up all night moving but during the day she nestled in sleeping.
Sleep: only with 5 pillows!!! I wake up a lot throughout the night but I am able to go back to sleep eventually. (James is snoring a lot so I have to ask him to turnover!)
What I miss: Going to Chiefs games!
Cravings: I don't know if this is a pregnancy craving or not. When my friend Ashley came to visit a month ago we went to Houlihans for lunch and she order the veggie flatbread pizza and it looked delicious. So this week all I wanted was that.. Friday night we had dinner at Houlihans so I could have a veggie flatbread pizza. It was amazing!
Aversions: Nothing this week.
Symptoms: Ankles got in the upper 80s this week.
Best Moment this week: We got the car seat and stroller this week! Plus I got 25% off the diaper bag. WE HAD THE HOUSE CLEANED!!! I think we are going to have it cleaned once a month for the next two months.

I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday so I took my list of questions....
1. I can get a spray tan!
2. He highly recommended taking the prepared birthing class. I signed up for on on Saturday, October 29th...not how I want to spend my Saturday from 9-5 but it will be worth it.
3. I asked about having a birth plan for the nurses and he said we would cover that in a couple of weeks. 

I start going every two weeks and we have an ultrasound at our next appointment. 

Now to the fun part!! The stroller and car seat!! 
 The Baby Jogger City Select
it is a little expensive but if you plan on having two kids close together it is worth it, WHY? look at the different ways you can use it....

Car Seat -

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30 

We ordered ours from and got a really good deal!

Now the 2 together! we bought the peg perego adapter for the stroller

 Kimber and I are going to have so much fun on our daily walks and little adventures!!

A Pug's Life

What does a pug do a beautiful fall day????

He sunbaths and naps on the deck!