Monday, October 24, 2011

Good times in Branson!

My parents came to visit over the weekend so they made reservations at Adventures of Zipling in Branson (by the outlet mall). At first I did not want to go since I could not participate but I am glad I went. I did have to wait two hours for them to complete the course but I did not mind. 

 My mom! Then she stopped too soon and the guide had to come get her!

 My dad!
We got my mom two groupons to this place for Mother's Day and I would say it was a good gift. I can't wait to go this spring! 

After Zipling we went to the Balloon Glow at Branson Creek Communities. We got there just in time and James was able to make it down for the last 20 minutes. I really hope this event continues to grow because it was really pretty plus it was free to attend!

 James and I....too bad my eyes are closed. 

After the glow, they had an outdoor theater set up to show the movie UP. I was starving by this point so we left to go eat.

On Sunday, I had Baby Shower #2 which was for James' family here in Springfield. I will do a post about that shower too.

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