Sunday, October 9, 2011

Random Update....

I have been blogging a lot about Kimber so I thought I would update everyone on what James and I have been up to. I have been busy at work and keeping myself busy with different things after work so blogging has been put on the back burner. I don't remember the order of events but here are some things we have been up to.....

  • We finally bought Harvard a harness type collar. We have heard that pugs have weak necks so it is better for them to use the harness instead of a normal collar. He really does better on walks with it (at least for me).

  • One afternoon James had an Ace meeting in Joplin to plan out his advertising for 2012. I thought I would tag along because I wanted to see the tornado damage. Words cannot explain what it did and/or looks like.  
 Joplin High School

 St. John' Hospital

This was a church is just down the street from the  hospital and the only thing left standing was the cross. 
  • For work I had a meeting at the Cardinals stadium so they took us to the game after the meeting. Luckily it was the Cards vs. Cubs game. We lost but I still had a great time. We were in a suite and they provided dinner and drinks as well.
 I know not a very good picture. I really need to get better at taking pictures!
  • Last Saturday night we went to a bonfire in Bolivar. I posted a picture of us in front of the huge fire last week but here is a couple more.
I made James take a picture with his truck since it is the first time we have taken it to the country!!! 

 A picture of the was huge.
  • Friday night we went to dinner with two couples to Olive Garden and then to Dublin's Pass to finish watching Game 5 of the Cardinals v Philies and to listen to an Irish band. We really had a good time. Before we walked in I asked "is it weird for a pregnant lady to be walking into a bar?" Springfield finally has a no smoking ban so that is the part of the reason why I went besides I just needed to get to have some normal fun! CARDINALS WON! We did not stay long and was home by 11.  Here is a picture of James taking his celebratory shot...a Dublin's drop shot (Irish car bomb)!
 That's all for now! Other than going out on Friday I have not done much which I don't mind!

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  1. I am sure it was sooooo hard to get James to stand by his truck!!!!