Monday, April 22, 2013

Kimber Lately - 14 Months

Kimber turned 14 months on February 9th! Crazy I know. She still only has two teeth and has a ton of hair. She is rocking the cutest baby mullet! She is very social, we can't go anywhere without her winning over everyone she sees. She smiles and waves at people non-stop.

Accomplishments for this month -
1. Following instructions - helping pick up her toys and bringing me the items I ask for.
2. Talking on the phone
3. Signing the Itsy Bitsy Spider - new favorite song
4. Shrugging her shoulders
5. Throwing away her trash
6. Cleaning!! Her new favorite thing is to "dust" everything!
7. Trying to speak actual words
8. Points at a dog and makes barking noises! (actually she thinks every animal barks!)