Friday, November 16, 2012

Paddle Party to Benefit Isabel's House in Springfield

Join me at the Paddle Party on Monday, November 19th at 425 Downtown.
 I will be hosting a Nerium table and auctioning off a month supply of NeriumAD!!! 

Doors open at 6:30 pm and bring lots of quarters!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Giddy up Horsey!

Just about every time (which is about every other weekend) my mom comes to visit we find ourselves driving down 65 to the Tanger Outlet Mall. We love to shop and it is the best way to get clothes at a great price! Plus I get most of Kimber's clothes from The Children's Place Outlet store. A couple of weekends ago when my mom, dad,  and sister were here all of the girls headed to the Outlet Mall.

This is what ended up happening.....

That was the best 75 cents spent ever!!!

Nerium - Beautiful You

If you would like to learn more about NeriumAD, look for the Beautiful You magazine available at Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million!

Beautiful You provides beauty, fitness, career, health and personal development advice and inspiration for women of all ages, helping them to become beautiful inside and out. We are honored to have Nerium AD featured in the very first issue!

Deborah Heisz, Publisher of Beautiful You magazine, had this to say about why they chose NeriumAD  as their first product spotlight, ” This issue shines the spotlight on a young company making impressive strides in the skincare industry. This magazine shows quite a few “before” and “after” pictures submitted by Nerium customers. These aren’t professional models. They are men and women who were so excited about the difference they saw in their skin after using Nerium AD that they were willing to bare their make-up free faces to the world. When you see their results, you’ll understand why.”

To learn more about Nerium visit -

Monday, November 12, 2012

Trunk or Treat

This year we attend St. Joseph the Worker's Trunk or Treat. We had a blast! I was pleasantly surprised how much fun we had. Our friends, Kate and Pete with their little girl, Ellie joined us.

Here are some of the other trunks decorated....

And now for my trunk!!

It was a little cold, so we took turns sitting it the car with Kimber. I let her act like she was driving!

As soon as we pulled out of the church, Kimber was out! She slept all night from 8:00 pm to 7:00 pm with no crying! We wore her out! {she was holding onto her tutu :)}

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Truth is in the Pictures

Yesterday, I shared my WHY for using and selling NeriumAD. I also mentioned that the company is based on REAL science and REAL results.

Today I am showing you my REAL results.....

Never, ever in a million years would I have thought to share, let alone post on the internet, the condition of my skin. But now do you see WHY my self-confidence has improved. This is after a month  and half of using NeriumAD every night. Can you imagine where I will be in another month? I can! and I can't wait!

So jump in and experience REAL results and transform your life with me!

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Janelle Haik

Thursday, November 8, 2012

NeriumAD - my Miracle Worker!

I have found my Miracle Worker!
As a new busy, working mom I started to feel flat and dull so I decided to give NeriumAD a try. Plus I needed a more simple skin care regimen. After the first night, I could already see results and at the end of the first month I feel I have found my Botox in a bottle. I have my glow back!
NeriumAD night cream has changed my skin and self-confidence. This product is based on REAL science and REAL results. Here are the reasons I have changed my skincare regimen to just this one product:
• Nature-based product with no harsh ingredients.
• Easy to use – once a day, right before bed, with no five-step process….just results.
• Addresses multiple concerns at once: fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture and sun-damage.
Click here to watch a video and for more information
If you have any questions email me at
Loving. Caring. Sharing.
Janelle Haik
Independent Brand Partner, Nerium 
If you are interested in the opportunity to become an Independent Brand Partner for Nerium please email.