Monday, August 29, 2011

Keeping Up With Kimber - 26 Weeks

How Far Along: 26 weeks!
Size of baby: Eggplant!
Total Weight Gained: I believe I am still at 12 pounds. I go back to the doctor next week so we will see. I hate weighing myself at home so I never do!
Maternity Clothes: Last week I finally broken down to buy maternity jeans and black pants for work. I also discovered that my non-maternity dresses are not going to cut it anymore :(
Gender: Girl!
Movement: Mainly at night or when I am trying to relax.
Sleep: Still sleeping pretty good....besides the fact I get up about 3 times to go to the bathroom.
What I miss: Running! I like to run for exercise and I use it as a stress reliever. Normally I try to run a 5K at least once a month so I am extremely jealous of the facebook post of people running. 
Cravings: Nothing so far! I do eat more though.
Aversions: Nothing.
Symptoms: Hands and feet swelling right before bed. I think this is happening because I don't drink as much water as I do during the day. Starting to get short of breath after walking for awhile....very annoying because I am a fast walker which I am becoming slower.
Best Moment this week: James completing the dresser!

The dresser with the mirror...eventually we will hang it above the dresser. We want to make sure of everything before start putting holes in the wall.
I am finally done with the Convention I plan for work!! It consumes my life starting in March. So now I can focus on registering and finishing the nursery. It cracks me up because in some of my outfits I don't look pregnant but people can tell I have gained weight. At my convention which most of the people only see me twice a year would look me up and down to figure out if I was chubby or pregnant. But when I would put on a maternity shirt they would congratulate me and ask questions! I found it hilarious because I would call them out on it. You should never assume a female is pregnant!!! 
I am so excited because on Thursday I am going to start pre-natal yoga!!! I am dieing to workout in a class setting. I have been walking and doing a pre-natal workout on home but I can't wait to go to a gym and be around people!!!

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