Monday, December 19, 2011

Welcome Home Party

We came home from the hospital on Sunday, December 11th to a house full of my family from Kansas City. My grandparents, aunt, cousin and her little boy along with my parents and sister were all waiting at my house for us to bring our little beauty home!

Kimber with her Great Grandparents
With her Great Aunt Robin
 With her cousin Ashley

 I know the Chiefs outfit may make her look like a boy but we are HUGE Chiefs fans! At the Chiefs training camp my dad bought her the hat and booties and my sister bought her the onesie at Old Navy. Since she came home during a Chiefs games we had to change her into her Chiefs outfit!!

For some reason I am missing a picture of my sister holding Kimber when she came home but while everyone else was passing her around she took care of Wyatt!

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