Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kimber's 2 Week Update

 I can't believe it, my precious girl is two weeks old. Where is time going already! We have been busy getting ready for Christmas, staying awake more during the day and working on tummy time.

  • Monday night she lost her umbillical cord. This was a huge stress reliever for me because it made me so nervous. I had James call the doctor to ask how we care for her belly bottom and when to start giving her a normal bath. Even though she lost it we still have to wait for it to dry out and heal completely.
  •  Tuesday we started tummy time. It is a slow process. When we have her on our chest she will hold her head up all day long but as soon as she is on her tummy time mat she just wants to lay there. I get on the floor in front of her and talk to her but she just doesn't like it. She did get better throughout the week. 
  • For some reason, we have been changing diapers a little too early and had some not so good situations for James and I. We just laugh at ourselves! Welcome to parenthood! I even had a "situation" all over me after giving her a bath! 
  • We are working on staying up more during the day because two nights this week she kept me up for 3 hours way too early in the morning. 
  • My favorite moment, is when I am rocking her and she is almost asleep, she gives me the biggest smile! (I think she is dreaming)
  • I love the little noises she makes while sleeping.
  • Friday afternoon, we went to the mall so she could have her picture taken with Santa. I wasn't going to but I knew later down the road I would be mad at myself for not getting a picture since it is her first Christmas. 
Now time for all the pictures!

 Harvard helping with tummy time!

My favorites! (she makes this face a lot)

 A bow holder!! A friend of mine from my hometown sent this....I love it and I don't have to worry about making one now!
 One of my best friends from college sent Kimber a 1st Christmas ornament. I was so mad at the postman when he delivered it. He stood about 5 feet or more from my front door and threw it so hard it bounced off the door. Did he not see FRAGILE stamped all over it.

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