Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Keeping Up With Kimber - 40 Weeks 2 Days

That's right I went over my due date. It is weird how I have felt good my entire pregnancy then I wake up on Sunday when I turned 40 weeks and I felt completely exhausted. It does not help that over night I developed sinus issues and could barely breathe. We went to church and to the grocery store...still no Kimber. Came home to relax and of course I took a nap....still no Kimber. We went to my husband's parents for dinner and went to Walmart to help them shop for their Angel tree kids....no Kimber. 
Monday I did not go to work because I had a rough night dealing with my sinus issues. Once again I can't believe how exhausted I was at 40 weeks. I slept pretty much all day until our doctor's appointment. I had a non-stress test which I was hooked up to a monitor to track Kimber's heart rate, movements, and my contractions. Then I had an ultrasound in order for them to measure everything. Kimber is doing great with all her stats at 100%...perfect already! (except she does not want to come out) I had several contractions during the test and had no idea. My doctor scheduled my induction first thing on Monday for Friday at 7 am if nothing happens this week. I begged for him to induce last night since he was on call all night but labor and delivery was completely packed only taking emergency situations. 
So now I wait......
How Far Along: 40 Weeks
Size of baby:  Watermelon...and it feels like one!
Total Weight Gained: You don't want to know
Maternity Clothes: Yoga pants and anything stretchy! It is getting extremely difficult to put shoes on. 
Gender: Girl! Kimber Diane Haik
Movement: She is running out of room so her movements feel like flutters.
Sleep: Not really...I sleep for about an hour and then I up for awhile. I have been taking a lot of naps.
What I miss: Not being pregnant. I was really hoping I would not be pregnant this week but Kimber has other plans.
Cravings: haha! I had my first one the other night....see my post about Cinnamon Rolls
Aversions: Work!! no, I missed yesterday and today. Today the roads were slick so my boss told me to stay home. I am getting a little bored.
Symptoms: Nothing really. I feel HUGE. I have not had one Braxton Hicks in almost 2 weeks. I am just exhausted.
Best Moment this week: Seeing her again in the ultrasound. I did not get to see her face because they were measuring her head and stuff. I did get to see her diaphragm go up and down as she worked on breathing. I was the last appointment so the tech was ready to get out of there. 

We will see if Kimber is ready or wants to wait for Friday.(If she waits for Friday, she will have the same birthday has her Great Grandma Limberg, who turns 79.)
It is so crazy that I will officially become a mom this weekend!

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