Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Update

We had a great weekend that started with going to Art Walk that is downtown Springfield the first Friday of each month. Of course I forgot to take pictures....I really need to get better. Since we got a late start we only went to my friend's place of employment, Obelisk Home. I love everything about that place and it makes me want to redecorate my house. Then we went to Twilight Grill for dinner, thank goodness we had a gift card because we will not be going back and I don't recommend it.

Here are pictures from the rest of the weekend...

Saturday Morning I made mixed berry muffins...Yummy!
 While I was baking, Harvard was busy playing with all of his babies.
 I took a break from browsing on the internet and came back to find this....

When James got home from work, we ran some errands but that did not last long. The traffic and mall were crazy busy. I guess it is holiday shopping time. We tried 5 places to get me the new iPhone and all were sold out. We went to Sam's Club to get these LED lights that can be placed under cabinets or in closets. We got them for above the sink.
For some reason our builder did not put lights above sink. I am really happy with the LED strip of lights. We went to Hobby Lobby and found a lamp for Kimber. After our little outing that only lasted maybe 2 hours I was done and my feet were killing me. The rest of the night we worked on Kimber's room and basically finished it.

Sunday morning we got up an hour early since we forgot to change our clocks but that is ok since we were going to church. I just had more time to get ready. After church we went to Village Inn for breakfast.

James tried the chicken and waffles and I had french toast. He does not recommend the chicken and waffles. He ate half of them and was done. 

We came home to found this....
Harvard sleeping away on my pillows. I forgot to put them back on the bed so he took over.

Before we started in with an afternoon of cleaning, organizing and watching football we started the chicken chili and cornbread for dinner. The chili took about 5 hours to cook in the crock pot and was absolutely delicious with the cornbread!

James also wanted to use our kitchen aid mixer that I got for a wedding gift. So he decided to make monkey bread using a monkey bread mix. 

I helped with rolling the dough into balls and coating them in cinnamon and sugar. I forgot to take a picture of it when it was done but I recommend using biscuits and a easier recipe.

That about sums up our weekend!

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