Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Brad Paisley Concert

Saturday night James and I had date night! My parents were in town so they stayed with Kimber so we could have a night out. My grandparents got us tickets to the Brad Paisley concert so it was actually a planned date. We decided to go big! We had dinner at Touche before heading to the concert which started at 7:30 pm. When we got to Touche we were so excited to arrive early enough for their Early Menu and happy hour!! I wasn't too excited about having dinner so early because I did not care about getting to the concert right at 7:30 to see Scotty McCreery perform. But much to my surprise he was really good.

At Touche, we ordered off of their 3 course meal. Since we are eating healthy we asked for a salad, appetizer and entree instead of getting dessert...I was shocked they let us. I had humus, spinach salad and the beef medallions for $16.95 and James had calamari, Touche salad and the 8 ounce fillet for $23.95. When sat in the dining area but I asked about Happy Hour anyway and they offered us one drink each at the happy hour price which is only offered in the bar. I will have to say this is by far my favorite restaurant in Springfield for both food and service.

We left about 6:45 to get to the concert, highlights from the night...
1. Scotty McCreery was way better than I expected him to be. His voice is so mature for a 17 year old.
2. The Band Perry was good and I learned that they are siblings. (I didn't know much about them)
3. Brad is AMAZING!! He is a wonderful and talented artist.
4. Never fall for a hologram! He used a hologram of Carrie Underwood and from where we were setting she looked real.

Reasons why Brad is an AMAZING person...
1. Autographed a guitar and gave to a little boy
2. Grabbed a girls phone/camera and said "let's make a video" of him singing

No wonder he wins "Performer of the Year"!!

Lessons learned...
1. Never park in the parking garage.
2. If you do, back into your space because if you don't people will not let you back out.
3. Spend the extra money and sit in the first level seats. Not the cheap upper level seats. This was our first concert at The Q Arena to set that high up and we hated it.
4. Don't forget your good camera. I only had my iPhone and I did not get good pictures but it did awesome for videos. 

Other than that we had a fabulous night!!

Here is the video of Carrie and Brad singing. In the video she looks like lights but in person (from where we were sitting it looked so real).

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  1. Oh my gosh! i'm so jealous ... I've seen many a Brad show and have (fortunately) never had this kind of experience. Brad paisley tickets were cheap . I was only familiar witlh a couple of tunes, but was thoroughly entertained.