Monday, February 20, 2012

Keeping Up with Kimber - 10 Weeks Old

She is getting so big!! People can't believe she is 2 months when they ask "How old is she?" You can see in the first picture how well she is doing holding her head up. When I am holding her I rarely have to support her head because she is so strong.

For a 10 week old, she had a very busy week.
• Monday - I went back to work so she did not have her mommy. (such a sad day)
• Tuesday - She had her 2 month check up and received 5 shots. (another sad day)
• Wednesday - Started using a binky.
• Friday - First trip to the grocery store. 
Waiting on the nurse to give her four shots in the leg and she had to drink one. This cracks me up because you would think she knows she is getting shots but she really has no idea.

 We were both worn out so we had to nap! I miss cuddling with her every day.
Playing before I left for work! I wake up at 5:00 am just so I have time with her.
 Sleeping while we shop. She was so good!

I am really not upset that she using a binky. She has been going to town on her fist and I could tell she just could not figure out how to soothe herself. Here is a picture of her on Saturday sucking on the binky. We were out running errands and she was fighting falling asleep. So I just popped it in her mouth and she was out in seconds!

I miss her so much during the day, I drive over the speed limit to see her. I know I am careful because I don't want something to happen but I am just so excited to get home!

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