Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weeks 26 - 27

I feel horrible that I did not take a lot of pictures during this time because a lot happened.
At 26 weeks, she started rolling all over the place to get to where she needed. She even discovered her hand and that she could make it do things. It is so funny because she will stop what she is doing and look at like "What is this thing I can control!"
 She was rolling around so much her diaper was coming off!

At 27 weeks, she started getting up on her hands and knees acting like she was going to crawl but would end up army crawling. She would only do it to get to Harvard, his toys or my shoes. It was pretty funny. I do have a video I will post. (In fact, I have a lot of videos to post)

She also started using a high chair when we go out to eat which is not often. One night it was way too hot in our house to eat so we went to Prima's for dinner. Kimber even ate her dinner there!

 Give me my food!

 Yum! I love this stuff. Yes, she has to help feed herself.

For several weeks this is how she would sit in her car seat especially when we were in public.

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