Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 32

This has been a BIG week for Kimber so where do I begin!
1. She started sitting up from her belly.
2. Stopped nursing - Let me tell you, formula is expensive.
3. Pulling up in her crib, so we had to lower her mattress. 
4. Went from the bear crawl to crawling.
5. Pulling up on everything. Yes, she has bumped her head several times.

It pretty much happened in this order. Now I spend a lot time chasing her and watching her like a hawk.

This is the beginning stages of yoga!

For some reason my phone did not take as good as pictures. But you can see how she is on the move! She spends a lot of time in only her diaper due to the 100 + weather.

Pulling up on her Dora car!

Still loves to use those feet for everything. The transition to bottle has so easy, I think she was ready. We now use the Nap Nanny to give her the bottle while she watches Dora, Bubble Gubbies or the news. Anything to help her focus.

Read or bake???

Pulling up in crib using the bumper.

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  1. I cant believe she is crawling!! She is getting so big! I cant wait to see you guys in a couple weeks!!