Friday, July 20, 2012

Random Post

This post is dedicated to everything I have not posted the past month or so!
 First time to face forward in her stroller. We were attaching her car seat in the stroller but we decided to start using the stroller seat so she could see the world! She loved it!
 June 30th, while I was running a 5K Nana and Kimber stayed at the park.  This was the first time she really played with grass. Checking it out....
Happy to pull it out and feel the texture in her little fingers.

 Look at her BIG brown eyes...they will get you every time!
She loves to play with / chew on my clutch/phone case that I carry since I go back and forth from my purse and the diaper bag. Helps me to stay organize so I don't lose everything. 

I still have more but those will have to wait!

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