Monday, June 4, 2012

Keeping Up with Kimber - 23-24 Weeks

I am going to combine both of these weeks since so much happened and these two weeks went by so fast.

Kimber accomplished a lot this week...sitting up with no support for a long time, sitting in her high, eating rice cereal before bed, pushing up on her arms, pushing herself backwards, and shaking her head.

Building arm muscles!!!
(I forgot to take a 24 week picture)

Sitting up all by herself!

In her high chair...she loves to throw all her toys off however the spatula was the only thing she would hold on to.

The first night we gave it her she only took a few bites but the second night she wanted more and more. She would smack the tray until I would give her more. I know you are not suppose to start until six months but she was starting to wake up earlier and earlier every day so I knew it was time...just one of those motherly instincts I guess.

I will post videos of her shaking her head and eating in another post, this one is long enough.

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