Monday, June 18, 2012

Kimber is SIX Months

Kimber thought the paper on the doctor's table was so much fun! On June 4th Kimber had her SIX month check-up and got another round of shots. She actually turned six months on June 9th. She weighed in at 14.8 pounds. As you have read we had already started her on rice cereal so her pediatrician was happy to hear that and gave us the go to start her on foods. are so full of energy and keep us on our toes! You think our faces and hair are the best toys, you love to look around to know what is going, smile when we smile at you, love to fake cough, blow raspberries, and pat everything. You are a little social butterfly, you love to interact with people and people watch. You have an obsession with your play with them all the time and don't like it when I make you wear shoes because you can't get to your toes! You also love to "talk". 

This is how our photo session went.....
 She knew I put the sticker on and she wanted to get it off. It's amazing how they develop!!
Then I could not get her hand out of her mouth!

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