Friday, May 11, 2012

Keeping Up with Kimber - 5 Months!

I can't believe how much fun (and hard work) a five month old can be! Yes, we have our ups and downs but we figure them out.

• She looks at you when you say her name.
• Smiles at you when you smile at her.
• Love to Laugh!! I love hearing her laugh.
• Loves to watch your's so funny. She will be sitting on your lap and she will bend all the way down so she can watch you wiggle your toes.
• Plays "Where's Kimber" with her burp cloth.
• Does this dive move when she is sitting up and she wants to get something way in front of her.
• Wearing size 2 diapers finally.
• 3 month clothes fit perfectly and her 6 months clothes are still too big but she wears them anyway. Since it is so warm, she has to wear her summer clothes that are 6 months.

We were struggling with her liking her crib. She would fall asleep but at two in the morning she would wake up crying with her eyes closed. I would go in there and she would stop. So someone suggested to us that I put the shirt I wore that in her crib when I get home from work. PERFECTO!! It worked, she has slept so good the past couple of nights.

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