Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Snake Saturday and Visiting Nana & Papa

I am a little behind with my blog, so this post is about two weekends ago when we went to visit my parents in Wellington. We left Thursday after we both got home from work and stayed until Sunday morning. Kimber does so well traveling. (We hope it stays this way!) On the way up to Wellington, we had to stop in Clinton so I woke her up to feed her because she was going on four hours and I did not want to pull over in the middle of nowhere to feed her. On the way back she slept the entire way with no stopping to eat. We planned it just right. It is only a 3 hour drive so it worked perfectly.

We had a fun weekend and my parents and sister got in a lot of Kimber time! We even went to North Kansas City for Snake Saturday. Kimber did not know what was going on but it was her first parade! We stopped at Amristar for lunch so she also got to visit a casino for the first time. She loved starring at all the lights!

James and I met my sister at Carrabba's in Independence on Friday night and then went to Buy Buy Baby. We both love Carrabba's and Springfield does not have one. Springfield also does not have a Buy Buy Baby and I wish they would get one sooner than later. I bought a Mobey wrap and we absolutely love it. I used it at the parade on Saturday! It is so comfortable and natural feeling, Kimber loved it so much she feel asleep.

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