Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kimber Lately

Wow, she turns one and things are going by so fast. Kimber has learned so many new things this past month it is unreal! She amazes us every day with something new and funny. You show her one time how to do something and she can repeat it.

Here is the list of Kimber's accomplishments:
1. Walking backwards - it was so funny trying to teach her!
2. Taking steps to the side
3. Giving hugs and kisses - this just melts my heart!
4. Blowing kisses
5. Following some commands - I will ask her to do something and she will do it!
6. Working on using a plate, spoon and fork
7. Saying "uh-oh" when she drops something - it's more like the same sound not really the words

I wasn't going to teach her baby sign language but I have changed my mind. I at least want to teach more and all done.

We are waiting on her to cut more teeth. I know it is going to be rough but I really want her to get more teeth. She still only has the two bottom teeth. He hair is getting longer and thicker. It is so cute because it is so wavy and crazy most days. 

Now for the pictures!

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