Monday, December 3, 2012

Kimber 11 Months!

Oopsies, I forgot to post about Kimber turning 11 months!! So here we go (before she turns ONE this week)....
{I am going to move forward with this post without pictures. Blogger is saying I am out of storage so I need to figure that out.}

Updates on Kimber bullet point style!
• She has TWO teeth!
• Master walking and now trying to figure out how to run
• Loves to destroy the kitchen. Her favorites are dish towels and tupperware.
• Loves to clap
• She is into everything....her favorite is my drawer in the master bathroom.
• You play the music and she will show you her dance moves. This girl loves to dance.
• Enjoys "standing" on her head! It's so funny. 

She is still wearing size 3 diapers and loves to eat. I would say her favorite foods are hot dogs, carrots, string green beans (not canned), and chips. Yes, I break off chips and let her chow down. She really is not a fan of fruit, I think it may be a texture thing.

We are still struggling with sitting down in the bath tub. So most nights, my shirt is so wet from battling it out. We are also struggling with her sleeping all night in her crib. I have cried it out a couple of times but she usually wins and is in our bed by 2:00 am. 

Hopefully I can post pictures before her big FIRST birthday on Sunday!

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