Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kimber 10 Months

Look who is 10 Months Old!!! Crazy that she will be a year old in 2 months. 
She has accomplished so much this past month, so here we go -
Eating table food
Saying dada more, will say mama when she is upset, and added baba
Sharing her cheerios - she will feed us or Harvard
Refuses to wear bows or headbands
Learned to throw a fit if she does not get her way
Diaper changes and dressing are getting difficult
Will dance when she hears music (so cute to see her bounce her bottom)
Still no teeth 
Loves her stuffed animals
Likes her books more and more

We struggled with her sleeping in her crib the past month. We would give in and put her in bed with us. With both of us working full time we are just too exhausted. But towards the end of the month she started sleeping in her all night more and would only end up in bed with us a couple of times. We are working on it!

My goal is to go running at least 4 nights a week and little Miss tags along! She loves to watch the kids playing or people mowing their yard! She is so cute in her little zip up with ears!

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